So, I get this question a lot right before someone buys a media contact database: “What is the best way to distribute press releases via email?”

Whenever we have to send out quite a few press releases to a targeted media list, we use an application called MAILINGS from a company called Limit-Point.   MAILINGS is a bulk email delivery application that is a great, low cost, MailChimp or ConstantContact alternative.

It’s a $24.99 application that, regrettably, is only available for the Apple OS, but it gives you most of the power and features that can be found in MailChimp or ConstantContact.

It’s a very impressive application that will allow you greater control over your outbound press release emailings, while allowing you to create impressive email newsletters that will get the attention of reporters, editors and journalists.

When someone is buying a list of media contacts and wants to blast out a press release to select addresses, be it a few dozen targeted recipients to thousands of contacts, the first thing you need to know is, what is your outbound email allowance you’re restricted to by your internet service provider?

bulk email delivery, application, press release distribution,

Mailings, from, is a bulk email delivery app for sending personalized email messages to large groups of contacts.


Depending upon the service you’re using, you have a cap limit per day and PER EMAIL that you need to be aware of, or your internet service provider will shut you down for spamming if you exceed these numbers.

In our experience, we’ve found that most ISPs allow for up to 500 to as much as 999 outbound emails per day (Godaddy: 500 per day, Google: 500 per day and Comcast: 999 per day), and, in the case of Comcast, at least, you can send one email to up to 99 email addresses before their system shuts you down for spamming.

Many people think they can just buy a media contact database or press contact list and just import all of the email addresses into MailChimp or ConstantContact or any other email newsletter service and just start ‘spraying and praying’ emails out to 50,000 media contact email addresses.

That is so wrong.

bulk email delivery, application, press release distribution

Mailings, from, is a bulk email delivery app for sending personalized email messages to large groups of contacts.

In this day and age, it’s one thing to send a few emails out soliciting reporters and journalists to check out a press release or review a pitch email, but outright spamming is against the law, and you have to be aware of such laws before you undertake any kind of email campaign.

Info about the federal anti-spam law can be found here:

We don’t recommend buying these database and just blasting out cheesy and unprofessional solicitations to thousands of email addresses for well-regarded reporters.

Let’s be realistic. Reporters at leading mainstream media outlets – LITERALLY – get 1,000 emails per day, all baring press releases. I don’t know about you, but if I get 30-emails per day, I feel overwhelmed.

If you feel you must send out numerous emails soliciting your potential story idea or press release, at least tailor your list to a few high-quality media outlets, make the announcement look professional and personalized to improve your chances of getting it reviewed, instead of sending it out entitled, “To Whom It May Concern in the Editorial Department” with your press release attached as a half-assed WORD doc.



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